Hello, my name is

Julius Lemuel Superio

SEO Specialist

Julius Superio, SEO professional
About me

"Geology enthusiast advancing through customer service and quality analysis roles, now exploring the captivating realms of SEO and GIS"

I optimize websites for peak performance and visibility in search engines.

With 3 years of experience as a Customer Service Representative and Specialist, coupled with 1 year as a Quality Analyst, I bring a unique fusion of customer service proficiency and analytical insight to any organization. My passion for delivering exceptional customer service has honed my capabilities in problem-solving, conflict resolution, and adept communication, enabling me to adeptly cater to the diverse needs of customers.

Having served as a Quality Analyst, I’ve cultivated sharp attention to detail, an innate knack for process enhancement, and an unwavering commitment to ongoing growth. Adaptable and versatile, I thrive in dynamic, fast-paced work environments, driven by a steadfast dedication to delivering top-notch results that bolster organizational triumph.

What I Offer:

  • Exceptional Customer Service: A fusion of customer service proficiency and analytical insight.
  • Process Enhancement: Cultivated attention to detail and a commitment to ongoing growth for continuous improvement.
  • SEO Excellence: Strategic optimization to elevate your online visibility.

Ready to collaborate and contribute to your organizational success? Let’s connect and explore ways to elevate your team’s performance.

What I do

Unlocking success through a fusion of unparalleled customer service, analytical precision, and SEO expertise, I propel organizations to new heights of excellence and online prominence.

Customer Service

Driven by a passion for exceptional customer service, I specialize in crafting designs that capture attention, convey clear messages, and bring innovative, neat solutions to the forefront.

Quality Analyst

If you seek a dedicated professional to oversee the enhancement and optimization of your processes, I am well-versed in quality analysis and committed to driving continuous improvement for your organization.

SEO Specialist

If you're in search of an SEO specialist to boost your online visibility and drive organic growth, I am a seasoned professional ready to optimize your digital presence and elevate your rankings



My Experience


ECE Contace Center Outsourcing

Customer Service Specialist

I have adeptly overseen a team of customer service representatives, providing guidance, supervising operations, and ensuring adherence to service excellence. My role involved meticulous monitoring of customer interactions, addressing escalated cases, and implementing effective solutions to complex issues. Through continuous coaching and training initiatives, I enhanced the team's performance, resulting in consistently high customer satisfaction ratings. Additionally, I actively contributed to process improvement by analyzing data and feedback, maintaining compliance with industry regulations, and adapting swiftly to evolving customer needs and company policies.


ECE Contace Center Outsourcing

quality analyst

As a Quality Assurance Analyst, I played a pivotal role in ensuring operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Recognized for outstanding performance, I conducted thorough audits of agent interactions and systems, implementing rigorous quality assurance standards. Through regular coaching sessions and the creation of targeted microlessons, I fostered continuous improvement in team members' abilities and adherence to quality benchmarks. My responsibilities extended to presenting updates directly to clients, analyzing customer satisfaction ratings, and identifying opportunities for process enhancement. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to industry best practices, I maintained compliance with regulations, contributing to the overall success of the team.